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Ive been without Internet for almost 3 months now. Finally a service guy came out here yesterday to see what the problem is and it turns out that the phoneline runs perfectly fine to the cellar but there is no connection from there to my apartment. Until a Cable connects my hookups to the ones in the cellar i wont Be able to get online. The Hausmeister is of course on vacation, so it will Be a couple of weeks Until anything can Be done. BTW my Phone has becomr germanized somewhere along the line and now all the Auto typing turne into German. So please forgive the Crazy capitaliting and germanization. Ive been trying to Hack into my neighbors wifi but its Slow going. I can only Collect Information about their Network when they are online and it appears that they don't use the Internet so much. Another neighbor - also without Internet but Not because of line Problems like me - told me there was a Fire in my Apartment and that it had to Be massively Rennovated before anyone could Move in. I Wonder if thats when the Lines between here and the cellar were ruined. In anycase, hopefully it wohnt Be Long bevor im up and Running again.

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