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I Still don't have a phone line/Internet, but am amassing an army of German friends to help me overcome the many layers of BS that this situation has become. The landlord denies responsibility, and so does the phone company. Everyone is passing the buck and pointing fingers, and here I sit without the ability to communicate with the outside world. Thank God for the kindness of neighbors and friends – they swear I will have service before the week is out.

My friend Mark was in town last week with 20 of his art students and two other chaperone/professors. I took the week off and hung with the professors the entire time, acting as something of a tour guide and guest lecturer. On Wednesday I opened up my studio to the students and gave a talk about my art and what it's like to be a professional in the arts. They were duly impressed not only by the art and my studio, but also the fact that I have such a polite, personable pigeon as a house pet. Rasputin pranced around and coo'ed for them, hamming it up and displaying his plumage. The students took photos of everything as if my entire home was an exhibition. I suppose I would have too back when I was 18 years old. The place has definitely become 'Sarah-ified'... Not an easy feat to accomplish in the few months since I moved in, but I've been out at the flea markets every Sunday since March 1st, dragging home furniture and household items...lampshades, old chairs, post war textiles – Christ, you name it – trying my damnedest to get the place to be a HOME. I even bought myself a real BED, which, omg is the first real bed I've had in years. Sleeping on the couch just wasn't cutting it any more.

One of the teachers – the design teacher – stayed behind when the others left to head back to Lichtenstein. Teaching design is just something he does for fun. He also runs a design firm based in both Austria and London, doing the kind of work most designers only dream of doing – art books, transit maps, museum literature, etc. He bought me a coffee and asked me if I'd consider working with them when my 2 year work visa ends (which will free me to change jobs if I want). I'll have to talk to my lawyer to find out what my options are, but Hell Yeah I would like to jump on this opportunity. I'm going to visit their Austrian office for a few days in January to talk further and meet the rest of the team. If this all goes down I would still live and work at home in Berlin but would occasionally fly to Austria to work on-site or present work to clients. Exciting stuff.

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