Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

It's awesome not having to keep Rasputin all caged up. He's free to roam where ever he wants without restrictions, although he has his favorite places where he likes to hang out, typically near reflective surfaces where he can see his reflection the Other Bird. For a very long time he collected all of his longest, most beautiful feathers and placed them in a loose, nest-like formation beside the bathroom garbage can (which is highly reflective crome). It became his Very Special Place, and most of the time he could be found there, lounging on the soft blue bathroom rug.

Then, last week I came home to discover all of his toys and feathers had been removed from his Very Special Place, and I immediately wondered where he had decided to set up camp. I looked high and low before finally finding him wedged between two throw pillows, with all of his speical nest feathers and things under him. Nice of him to come join me on the couch ;)

Funny little guy.
Tags: rasputin

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