Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Sleepless nights and Team weekends

Last night I couldn't sleep again so I did more research into things that are seriously terrifying.

Japan is a country rich with seriously terrifying stuff to read about. Last night I investigated cannibalism as well as the Japanese suicide forest.

Ok, maybe these topics are more disgusting and sad than terrifying, but still, it's some pretty freaky shit. I guess the suicide forest doesn't really surprise me so much due to all the articles I've read about karōshi. Societal pressures seem to be at a pressure-cooker level over there.

Speaking of overwhelming work commitments, I have to go on a 'Team Weekend' with all of my colleagues this weekend. The company is shipping us out into the middle of nowhere where we're all going to bond in nature and talk about ways to improve our workflow. Yaay I can't wait to go. Actually, I'm dreading this trip like a cat dreads a hot soapy bath.
Tags: seriously terrifying

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