Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Out at the datsche

A friend of mine and her boyfriend rent a datsche just outside of Berlin, and I went to visit them today.

After a couple cups of tea and a breakfast of eggs and toast, we put on rubber boots and went out into the forest to hunt for mushrooms. It rained constantly as we combed the forest floor for edible varieties, but despite the crappy weather it was totally magical. We found three different edible varieties and after a couple of hours we had found a nice amount and headed back to the datsche.

Here's one of the varieties we found, the 'parasol mushroom':

And here are a couple porcini mushrooms:

We sat beside the fire to dry off for a bit, and then put together a killer risotto using the mushrooms we had just foraged. It was hands down the best risotto I've ever had in my life – a totally awesome gastronomic experience.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with a couple colleagues at 8am to head over to another spot that's supposedly good for mushroom hunting.

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