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Back in 2003 I was down on my luck and barely scraping by financially. To entertain myself on the weekends I combed through thrift and dollar stores, looking for cheap treasure.

This was the time in my life when I discovered how important it is to have inspiring surroundings. Here's an old photo from back then:


I made a duvet cover out of inexpensive gold parachute material because it had a shimmer that was reminiscent of silk. I painted a huge picture of a dancer and hung it on the wall. I also made the shelf you see on the wall there, and put hooks on the bottom so I could hang stuff. I scavenged scarves and other luxurious fabrics at thrift stores and hung them on every square inch of space. I made the orange pillow in the middle by sewing two scarves together and put the stuffing from an old floor pillow inside. Underneath all of those pillows and scarves is the futon I slept on.

I don't do much of this kind of crafty stuff anymore. Now I focus on painting and troll flea markets to satisfy my lingering need to search for lost treasure.

Nevertheless, last weekend I was in a second hand shop and found some beautiful silky scarves, which brought back fond memories of the big orange pillow. I bought up four of them and this weekend I'm going to make them into throw pillows. We'll see if they turn out or not – I need to go source something to stuff them with this afternoon.

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