Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Hello from London

Another client presentation, this time in London. It went well, and afterwards we went out for lunch. I ordered fish & chips and now feel like my stomach was grease-bombed, but in a delicious kind of way. I wish I had some more time here to explore, but a driver is taking me back to the airport at 4:30pm, so no London Bridge or Hyde Park for me today. I console myself with thoughts of Scotland – just 16 more days until Loch Ness!

Observation: Riding as a passenger in a car where the driver is sitting on the wrong side of the car, while flying down the highway on the wrong side of the road is a terrifying experience on a subconscious level.

Also. I feel like I am in HarryPotterland. Everything is kind of filthy and old, yet entirely awesome. I really love the vibe of this place.


Winter arrived in Europe a few days ago. It's super cold, but ever since I got my Nebenkostenabrechnung I've been energy-expenditure-scared. So I've been running around with hot-water-bottles and pots of tea, wrapped in thick blankets. Rasputin has taken measures of his own, building a big nest of every possible thing he could drag back to his Special Place in the bathroom. He commandeered my makeup brushes, a pair of old computer cords, vines from an old wreath, and houseplant leaves, among various other items. I watched him in bemusement for a couple of days as he struggled to make something of substance from my household debris, but then eventually took pity on him and put down a big bread basket lined cozily with a thick towel. He took to it immediately, abandoning his ramshackle 'nest' for the more comfortable accommodations. I love that silly bird.

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