Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Ladies in Waiting

I worked on the blue face this afternoon:


(Click here to see a bigger image)

While I was working on it I kept thinking, what if the world really does end on the 21st? This might be one of the last times I get to paint, so I should really enjoy it.

I've been reading Stephen King's 'Dreamcatcher' in German. I picked it up for 1€ at a used bookstore and it was one of the smartest purchases I've made in a long time. Because the book is such a page turner I've been tearing through it, looking up words like a madwoman, learning tons of new vocabulary and phrases. Who would have thought that a 1€ Stephen King novel would teach me more than a 400€ German class? And in far less time, too. It's awesome.
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