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Live Journal was down again yesterday because of spam attacks and it finally put me over the edge. I stopped trying in vain to log on to LJ and created a Dreamwidth account. I hate the templates on offer there, although they're no better than they are over here. I guess that will be my journal for use when LJ is down. I'm attached to LJ even though it's messed up, is down all the time and takes forever to upload images to. Oh, plus I'm a lifetime paid member (back in 2006 they had permanent paid accounts on offer for $100 and I took the plunge). If anyone here has a Dreamwidth account and wants to add me, I'm 'alcippe' over there, too.

I picked up the mini trampoline as planned yesterday after work and I love it. I jumped around for about 40 minutes last night and had a good old time.

I did a strand test on a sample of my hair yesterday to see if it is hena-able, and to my chagrin, it is not. The hairs that were not yet grey got darker, but the white hairs remained white. I think I'm just going to leave my hair grey and see how it goes. I've endured enough hair processing to last a lifetime already and it's time to put my money to better use. For now at least.

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