Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Challenges and dream boots

It was a pretty challenging week at work and by challenging I mean that it sucked and made me want to dramatically declare I QUIT and walk out the door. None of the things I asked for in December have been granted (ie, raise, title, etc.), and in place of real change I was fed a lot of bullshit to shut me up. They've had over a month to address the issues I raised, and if they can't be bothered to do anything for me by now they never will.

Time to explore other work options. Time to get my resumé in order and embrace change.

Yesterday I learned that there's a Zalando* outlet store mere blocks from where I work, so after work a co-worker and I went over to investigate. OMFG, there were 200€ shoes marked down to 35€! And not just one pair, there were hundreds! Our jaws dropped and we ran from isle to isle trying on various shoes and boots. I got a pair of tall boots yesterday, and I went back today and got a pair of sturdy biker boots. There's an entire floor full of clothing as well. Finding this place was key for me right now because I've desperately been in need of some new boots but haven't had any spare cash to throw into my wardrobe lately. It's amazing to suddenly have two great pairs of boots for less than one pair at normal store prices. You'd think a place like that would be crawling with people, but it was eerily unpopulated, a little bit like being in a dream. My feeling is that not many people are aware of the outlet's existence, which makes sense given the fact that there's no obvious signage and it's basically just a factory with a side door that happens to be unlocked to the public. Major score.

*Zalando is the European equivalent of Zappos in the States.

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