Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

90 degrees fahrenheit is 32.2222 degrees celcius

Friday is my last day of work as a full time employee and I'm having a hard time staying focused. It's a scorcher of a day here in Berlin with temps soaring into the 90's, so I imagine I'm not the only one fighting to stay on target. Buildings here don't have air conditioning like they do in the States, so when it gets hot it's hard to escape. I'm lucky to live on the first floor of an old building with thick stone walls – I need to wear a hoodie when I'm at home because it's so cool in there – but here at work the heat creeps in and all we can do to mediate it is turn on a fan.

To share in some of my lackadaisicalism, check out this website which sells nothing but awesome things you don't need but will want anyway:


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