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I was on the metro/L/U-bahn train with a group (class? business/company?) and when I got off I forgot my purse and backpack. I had to go all the way back to the main station and search for a lost and found office, and pray that some good soul had found my bags and delivered them there. I spent a long time looking for the lost and found office and was never able to find it.

Over time the main station morphed into a cruise ship and we were docked along side a park that was filled with water to create a water park for people celebrating a birthday. The water was clear and I could see the green grass below. I ran into Jamie Groth near the bathroom. She was there celebrating a birthday. Looking down from the ship window where I was to the water filled park below, I could see that there were a bunch of ship crew leading fun games/exercises and guiding activities. People were laughing and having fun, waving brightly colored nerf pool 'noodles' around. I was frustrated because I could not find my things and could not relax due to missing all my most important documents, such as passport, drivers license, money, bank card, etc, which had all been in my bags.
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