Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Discarnate entities and hand-talkers

I had an 'open studio' party a couple weeks ago, which went well. About 20 people showed up, which was a comfortable amount for the size of my studio. My super-distant cousin Günter came and took photographs of the even, which was great. He is retired now, but used to be a professional photographer, so he's got all the serious camera equipment. Everyone thought I must be famous or something. Here I am, explaining something very important:


I never realized I'm such a hand-talker, but in every photograph of me my hands are super animated.

Amsterdam for my birthday was great. My mother wrote me an email before I went, cautioning me to steer clear of the red light district. LOL. No, mom, I did not pick up any prostitutes while I was there. My friend and I rented bicycles and rode them all over the place. As we sat exhausted from peddling each night, we pondered whether the world's health and obesity problems might be solved (or at least greatly alleviated) if every city was so bicycle oriented. Everyone there has a bike, it's insane.

On Thursday last week I received information regarding a chronic health issue from a discarnate entity, channeled by a woman in Sedona, Arizona, which has proved to be immensely helpful – something no doctor or drug has been able to help over the course of fifteen or so odd years. Believe what you want, I am utterly convinced in both the solution given and the manner in which it was delivered.

This strange world never ceases to amaze me.

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