Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Procrastination and social balance

So from the leads I currently have, there are a few venues that I can/should explore. A couple of the places that were recommended to me look suspiciously like they may have shut down, but other, similar venues have opened up, so it all evens out. There's an opening at Pleiku tomorrow evening that I would love to go to but I already have plans to go see Ruth Ozeki read at the English Theatre with Rose (I read Ozeki's book A Tale for the Time being and loved it).

I feel on the one hand like I never get out and do anything, and on the other that I do too much and need to take a break. I'll need to find some social balance, or at least make these exploratory missions my priority. The only way I ever made tracks in the Chicago art world was by diving in and getting to know it. I'll have to do the same thing here if I want to be involved.

The reason why I have to psych myself up to explore art venues here is that it's a 'work' thing for me. I mean, sure there's an element of fun in it, but I still need to take mental notes and look sharp, have my business cards at the ready, etc. It's not just 'going out' like going to see a play or a reading is... It's like a job interview where no one knows you're applying or really even wants to talk to you. This is the un-fun part of being an artist. The necessary evil part. The mostly-a-waste-of-time part.

But enough blithering about venues. I need to get off my ass and stop procrastinating.

I should be working on my UFO painting, Fastwalkers, integrating the two crafts into the scene better. Right now it looks like they were just plopped down in the painting and don't really relate to each other or anything else, for that matter.

But I'm afraid that if I work on it I'm going to fuck it up and spend the next 6 months undoing the damage. I need to have courage.


God help me. I'm going to finish this cup of tea and finally get to it.

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