Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Clear and present

Last night I went to hear Ruth Ozeki read from her latest book, 'A Tale for the Time Being' at the English Theatre Berlin with my friend Rose. It was a nice evening out, and felt good to do something intellectual. Plus, I read the book last year and it was nice to be reminded why I loved it so much.

I've cut wheat out of my diet after noticing a clear relationship between eating bread/noodles and feeling like crap/tapped of energy. The difference has been profound and I'm surprised I didn't make this connection earlier in my life. Or maybe I just wasn't as sensitive to it as I am now? Who knows. Anyway, I'm feeling better as a result.

I finally ended my long streak of procrastination and worked on my UFO painting yesterday. The background is way more dynamic now, but there are some color things happening now that I'm not so crazy about. Those smears of gold in the grey background need to be removed asap (wtf was I thinking?):


Rose gave me a pair of red leather Italian boots that she found in her courtyard a few days ago (they were too small for her). They fit me perfectly and look amazing. Yay, universe! They are the perfect compliment to my brown suede coat.

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