Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Black snowmen and bird(like) sculptures

I went out to a couple art openings last night, which was really good for me. It felt really refreshing to view other people's creations and to then talk to the artists to clarify and understand their work from their point of view.

Unfortunately, I went with a friend who was only about 45% as excited as I was to be looking at the art. She ended up sitting with her phone for long stretches of time, texting and waiting for me to wrap things up. That was a drag, and I think I should probably go to openings solo in the future. I tend to be more interested in art than most people are, so whereas I'm in my element, getting a lot out of the experience, other people tend to get bored rather quickly and want to move on.

I'm glad I went though, because I really enjoyed the work I saw. At the first gallery we went to, Kunstraum t24, there was a group show. I was especially drawn to the Sculptures of Carl D'Alvia, an artist from New York. He had just finished a year in Italy, where he created the sculptures on display. His work reminded me of birds, except they were not birds – they were bird like abstract forms. It was great.


Then we went over to Mila Kunstgalerie to see paintings by Daniel Thurau. It's always good for me to see the work of other painters, and even better if the paintings are good. These were of the good variety – I especially liked some of the color combinations. A blue sun? Black snowman? Orange snowflakes? Somehow it all works. I like the chaos and roughness in the work as well.


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