Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Magpies and novocaine

I'm in the office four days this week. They need me to come in tomorrow, and the extra cash will be nice. Friday, my only free day, is full of fun activities. First a trip to the doctor in the morning to talk about getting some asthma medication, and then off to the dentist in the afternoon. I've got a cavity between two teeth that needs to be drilled out and patched up. Yippee.

There are a couple art openings I'd like to go to that evening, but if I'm still pumped up with novocaine and drooling on myself I'll stay home.

I want to do a diet cleanse thing this weekend. I need to do a house cleanse, too. Last weekend I went through my clothes and donated a bunch that I never wear. I guess it's that time of year, the cleansing time.

I've got a magpie couple building a nest in a tree opposite my bedroom window. I love watching them work. They collect twigs and weave them into their creation. It gets a little bigger every day. Yes, I know that magpies have some not-so-nice qualities, but I love them anyway.


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