Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Mandatory elegance

I went to a screening of Sleepover LA on Tuesday at an art gallery here in Berlin. The filmmaker, Lily Baldwin, is the cousin of my close friend R., so I have met her and we all went to dinner when she was here for the Berlin Film Festival back in February. I am massively inspired by her work. You can watch Sleepover LA online here – it's short, just 16 minutes long. Lily acts and dances in it (her background is originally in dance). She's the 'uptight' sister in the film, the one who is looking for adventure.


Tonight I'm going to a 'formal' art opening with a friend of mine. It's a suit-and-tie, little-black-dresses sort of thing. I had to rsvp, too. I wonder if the art will live up to all this preparation and mandatory elegance.

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