Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Creative cross-training

I'm feeling more inspired lately, more energetic. I've been working on my portfolio web site, painting and sketching. Creative cross-training.

I'd like to get a new camera to replace the Lumix I bought back in 2006. It was a great camera when I got it, but technology has gotten a lot better since then, and the images it produces all have a lot of noise. I've been looking longingly at the Canon EOS 70D, thinking it might be the one for me. But at 1,100€ it's quite a chunk of change, and seeing as my current work gig is winding down, it might not be wise to buy it now. Although the counter-argument to that is that it would be a work tool for me and tax-deductible. I'll have to meditate on it. Really, it's not a question of if I will buy it, but when.

The painting I've been working on lately has been coming along nicely. I'm looking forward to making some more progress on it this weekend.


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