Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Graceless pirates

Feeling better today. In fact, feeling good enough to try doing yoga last night. For the first time in about a year. Yeah, I need practice. No grace AT ALL. This is my last push to start a healthy exercise regime before the summer is over. Fingers crossed I don't pull a muscle.

I'm hoping that as I taper off my medication I will lose my lethargy and lack of willpower. Because it can't actually be me, right? Me being lazy? No way. That's got to be a side effect of the evil medication.

In any case, the withdrawal has thankfully calmed down in terms of negative symptoms. I hardly notice it, in fact, which is the whole idea behind tapering off slowly. I can't wait to be med free.

I bought a Channel lipstick, 'Pirate' for 32 € today. At that price I should have put the damn thing down and run out the door screaming, but I did not. The Pirate got my gold. I tried it on at home and it looks good, thank God.

Tags: sketches

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