Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The cold seeps in

Yesterday I found that my hot water has again run cold, and my radiators have stopped making heat.

My indoor thermometer reads 64°, so it's not exactly life threatening, but it's not comfortable either, and with the temperature outside hovering around 40°, I'm sure things will only get colder in here.

Having no hot water really sucks. I am so fucking tired of boiling water and taking bucket baths. With it being the weekend, there's no one to call. No one works on the weekends here. Good thing I've got warm blankets and my electricity still works. I baked a potato for dinner and that warmed things up in here a bit.

I put a notebook beside my pillow so I could write down my dreams last night. I haven't been remembering my dreams lately and I was curious. Here's the result:

I am in Chicago and go to a café for a piece of pie. The waitress tells me that she is the owner of the building I am living in. She laughs and informs me that she is going to get rid of everyone currently living there, rennovate it and then jack up the rent. I am so upset to lose my beautiful apartment. This is what happens to renters but I don't have the resources to buy a place. My parents are there and have the ability to help me but they don't say a word. I am so angry but feel helpless.
I am going on a business trip with my friend R. I want to tell her something important but she is absorbed in conversation with other people. I am hurt and feel alone. I walk on my own, ahead of the others then. Why fight so hard to be part of a group that ignores me?

I am trying to get on the right train but don't know exactly when it leaves because my phone isn't working. I hear a train arriving at the station and try to get to the platform but I can't get up the stairs, they only seem to lead down when I need to go up. By the time I finally get there my train has already left.

Wow, my dreams suck.

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