Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Emeralds and dating algorithms

In mid-December I re-activated my OkCupid profile in a fit of utter and complete loneliness, frustrated by the fact that despite living in Berlin for the past four years I have yet to find anyone even remotely relationship-worthy.

The first guy I made plans to meet up with I canceled on due to his wanting to make himself my new Best Friend Ever, texting me multiple times throughout the day. By the second day I had the clear impression that he was WAY more excited to meet me than I was to meet him, which didn't feel right. And his texting frequency was out of control. No one needs to know how my day is going more than once, especially if they have never even met me in real life. It was boarderline creepy. When I told him I had decided to cancel our planned meet-up he freaked out and wrote long messages explaining to me how I was wrong about my misgivings, and that I was actually the freak-o because the chemicals from my oil paints had soaked into my brain, thereby rendering me mentally ill.

Happily, I was able to eventually find some sane gentlemen. Or rather, they found me, which was nice. I met up with the first of the two normals yesterday at a café prior to the whole New Years Eve maddness.

We knew we both 'liked birds'. But he was not aware that I have a pigeon for a roommate, and I was not aware that he does pigeon rescue work in his spare time. That was enough to make us both go 'huh'. Then, as we were talking about our backgrounds, parents, etc, I mentioned that my dad is a doctor of organic chemistry and used to grow emeralds in special furnaces in our basement as a hobby. Well, holy fucking Christ, guess what my date's hobby used to be when he was in his 20's? He used to build special furnaces and grow emeralds in them. His father was a chemist as well. WTF. OkCupid's matching algorithm has really fucking impressed me. Aside from pigeons and emeralds, my date (I will refer to him as 9 from this point forward) was born in Paris (so he is French), was a mathametician for around 20 years, and then recently decided to switch careers and began an apprenticship in metalworking. A second date is planned because regardless of if the whole romance thing works out or not, I think we must obviously become friends.

The other potential gentleman (I will refer to him as 8) is currently getting over the flu, but thinks he will be fit enough to join me for coffee tomorrow afternoon. Christ, I feel like I'm doing job interviews. In any case, he's into mediation, lives in a studio, builds art things, does design work and co-founded a startup. He's originally from the U.S. midwest. I haven't met him yet so I don't want to pass any judgements, but he writes well, is courtious and seems like a nice guy. 

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