Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

9 came over yesterday to meet Rasputin and check out my studio. There's been some funky weather passing through Berlin lately, but he made it through the wind and rain in one piece and I made tea.

As a fun little side-show I put a pan of water on the floor and Rasputin duly took a bath. His baths are fantastic to watch because he fluffs up all his feathers and then shakes himself in the water, throwing droplets around like a giant fireworks display. Pigeons are awesome.

I asked 9 if he would allow me to photograph him to use as source material for the seated yellow figure in this piece:


I never had a model to help me with that figure, and I've never felt it really turned out very well as a result, specifically the pants and the hand. They don't have the realism I'd like them to have. Sure, pockets of irreality are totally fine, but still, the pants don't work for me. And the hand bugs me, it doesn't look 'right'. So 9 sat on my couch in the same wooden, unnatural pose as the figure so I could photograph him.

We went for dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant and then tea at a beautiful cafe with heaps of old-world charm.

I really like 9, but I'm not sure if I like him as more than just a friend. I guess time will tell, but, as much fun as we have together, I'm not feeling much chemistry. At least not right now. I think I WANT there to be chemistry, I keep digging around inside myself looking for chemistry, but I'm not sure there is any.

Of course, maybe this might do the trick.

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