Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I got three hours of sleep last night. Despite this, the presentation went off beautifully, and the client was very happy.

It's not even 6pm and I'm so tired I could fall over but I'm forcing myself to stay up until 10pm so I can go to bed at a NORMAL time and then I will force myself to get up at a NORMAL time in the morning so I can get back onto a regular schedule.

A painter I messaged a while back invited me to visit his studio on Monday evening. He's in the neighborhood and interested in my work as well, so we may swing by my studio after. He's got his work in a number of galleries, so I'm hoping he can give me some helpful advice about how I might do the same. Our work is closely related – we're both self-taught artists making weird oil paintings of 'noble men and women' with unnatural flesh tones (blue, green, pink). Pretty random that we live only a few streets from one another.

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