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I spent the day designing a book to showcase my paintings and collages. I'm going to self-publish via Blurb, and then use the book as a leave-behind at galleries.

I've waited around long enough for other people to lead me into the art world. It hasn't happened. My collector disappeared and the artists I know are unreliable.

I'm going to print a stack of these books and then go door to door to all the galleries in Berlin until one of them takes me on. Doing this will go against every rule in the gallery etiquette book, but what have I got to lose? This is exactly what I did in October and even though the gallery owner was initally pissed at me he did eventually admit he liked my work and offered me a slot in his autumn group show. I turned it down because the collector guy emplored me not to do it and said that I should be aiming much higher than some wall space in a crappy gallery's group show. So I'm going to aim higher.

Speaking of art, I did some more work on the painting, mainly building on the will-o-the-wisp and the man's face/head. Slowly but surely:


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