Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

The results are in

I went to see my doctor yesterday to go over the results of all the tests and it looks like I may have food allergies. We're going to have to do further tests to pinpoint exactly what is to blame, but fructose/lactose intolerance is looking suspect. More on that as the story develops, but YAY I don't have a brain tumor!

In other news, I met the head curator of the Torrence Art Museum in L.A. last week and he is interested in showing some of my work at the museum. That would be wonderful, I'm totally down for that. I fear the whole artwork shipping process, but then again, if I could ship 40 paintings from Chicago to Berlin when I moved here, I'm sure I can ship a few from Berlin to L.A.

My friend Mark in Switzerland also asked me if I'd like to be included in a November group show in Zürich, which I said yes to. He told me I could take the painting off the stretcher bars and ship it to him rolled up and then he would re-stretch it upon arrival. That would save me some cash if he's willing to do that. I would be able to attend the opening, too, which is pretty kick ass.

This weekend I might go to a couple art things on Saturday evening. Sunday I might meet a friend for tea. It's about all I can handle right now because I do still feel like crap. Maybe I should pre-emptively start eating a non-fructose/lactose diet to see if it helps me feel better. I feel like my entire summer is being robbed from me due to neverending fatigue and it pisses me off. I should be out doing things, full of energy, not languishing on the sofa.

Non-fructose/lactose things are not what I think of as being super delicious. They include such things as radishes and turnips, kale and eggplant. I gues eggplant is alright :/

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