Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Attention deficieted baboon

I went to go do a life drawing session at a cultural center near where I live yesterday but they were closed for the rest of the summer, so there will be no life drawing in my life until September. Bummer.

The guy I sat and watched the riot with on Saturday night called me yesterday and wants to meet me on Wednesday for dinner. I said OK, but here's the thing. I am 41 years old and he is 25 (or at least that's what I'm guessing). He's still in school and on the swim team. It's just really depressing to me that I can't find anyone age appropriate to date anymore. I figure that if I could physically be someone's mother they are probably too young for me to be dating. That's just my personal feeling, I'm sure there could be possible exceptions to this rule if The Right guy came along, but sadly I don't think pool boy is The Right Guy.

In other dating news, I went on a date last week with a complete moron who was 58 (age inappropriate in the other direction). "Conversation" with the guy was like being steamrolled by an attention deficieted baboon. Plus he told me things I did not need to know ("I lost my virginity when I was 27, what can I say? I'm a late bloomer") and was ridiculously homophobic ("I'm alright with the gays as long as they leave me alone"). Seriously, "the gays"? What the fuck.

Complete change of topic. madresal's acquisition of two parakeets makes me wish I had parakeets too. I wonder what Rasputin would make of that.


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