Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Water weight and punctuality

Due to the wierd malaise/fatigue I endured over the last 6 or so months I put on about 15 pounds. Not being able to be physically active really did a number on me. So last week I went on a low carb diet and thank God for the immediate water weight loss that occurs because now I can at least feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin. However, I am also going through the dreaded 'keto flu', feeling achy, wierd, and brain fog. Everything I've read says that this only lasts a few days, so I guess I'll just have to power through it, but wow, it really sucks.

I bought a bunch of new clothes for myself shortly before I put on all this weight, which of course no longer fit, so I'm stuck wearing old rags until I can slim down. It's a pretty good motivator. I can't bear the thought of going out and buying a second set of new clothes that are bigger, it feels too wasteful.

I've been walking to work again which hasn't been easy for my legs to get used to as it's 55 minutes each way, but it will get easier as I continue to do it. Today was an exception and I took the train due to an important investor meeting taking place here at the office, necessitating the 9:00am arrival of all employees, nicely dressed. I remembered this with only 30 minutes to get here so walking was out of the question. I dressed as nicely as I could given my limited wardrobe ability and actually got here on time.

I went to bed last night at 9:30pm and got the most amazing sleep ever – 100% sleep quality, according to my SleepCycle app. The little graph makes me so happy after months and months of sub-par sleep.

I've been struggling with trying to come up with subject matter to paint. Or rather, what to paint on a small scale. This is a challenge I've given myself as I believe it would be good for me to have a number of strong small scale pieces (around 50cm x 50cm) which could be easily shipped and shown. So I've had to think about and approach everything differently. Frustrating.

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