Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Art in a musty cellar

The party on Saturday was a fairly lame affair, I was disappointed. Self important performance art in a musty cellar and the over-availability of space cakes made for an annoying crowd and environment so my friend and I cut the night short and went home. It wasn't a total waste, but not at all the party I had hoped for (I didn't even get to dance!), so my search for a decent party continues.

I finally broke down and purchased The Elder Scrolls Online... the cold weather hibernation season will be here soon and I intend to entertain myself via adventures within the elaborate landscapes of digital fantasy and roll playing.

I re-arranged the furniture in my home and I think the feng shui is much better. I hadn't even noticed there was a problem, but swapping the locations of my bed and the sofa has made a world of difference.

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