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I was on my lunch break outside in a courtyard/pedestrian walkway and saw a white dove walk by with a plastic bubble on its head, kind of like a 1950's space helmet. I thought it was funny and laughed but then thought maybe the bird had gotten the plastic bubble stuck on its head and couldn't get it off, so I went back to see if I could help remove it. I found the bird but it had transformed into a very cute, slow moving mouse. I found it easy to pick up the mouse because it moved so slowly, leading me to think that perhaps it was sick, but then I saw that it was actually in the act of giving birth. The first baby it had was hairless and tiny but I could tell that it was a kitten. A second baby kitten was born as well. Then the mother mouse escaped from me, leaving me with its two newborn kittens. I felt that it was important for the babies to be with their mother – to keep the tiny family together – so I searched for the mother mouse and found her under a table. I leaned over to pick her up, but the large puppy I was holding in my left arm lunged forward and swollowed her. I hadn't even been aware that I was also carrying a puppy, I must have picked it up somewhere along the way. I was horrified by what it had done, and deeply dismayed that I had forgotten I was carrying it.

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