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I ended my 10-day fast this morning with a mug of bone broth and half a stewed tomato. The idea is to go slow with re-introducing food at first to give digestion a chance to work back up to speed. Light salads for lunch and dinner. It won't be much at first but I'm okay with that – to be honest I'm not feeling any hunger, which seems counter intuitive. I weighed myself this morning and and found that I have lost exactly ten pounds in ten days, which I would have thought impossible. Hopefully it wasn't all muscle.

I'm looking forward to exercising, running, riding my bike to work again.

I've been reading Werner Herzog's book, 'Vom Gehen Im Eis' in the original German. When I don't know a word I write it down and make a flash card so I can learn it. So now I have an entire deck of flash cards with words like, "düster (gloomy)", "Weltzusammenbruch (world collapse)", "Unding (absurdity)" and "Finsterling (sinister character)". The book is fantastic, by the way, I highly recommend it. There's an English translation available as well, entitled "Of Walking in Ice".

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