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There is a first time for everything, and for me, registering at the Arbeitsamt as a newly unemployed person is one of them.

I feel a little Godforsaken, just comming off of a long weekend with a fellow named Christian. Thus ended my 3-year dryspell. He made sandwiches and we watched Game of Thrones, talked about our lives, our families, our pasts. We lost track of time and days passed. He is also between jobs (with good prospects), so our situations mirror one another a bit. It was nice to not be alone, to have someone to lay beside, although I don't think it will go anywhere, ultimately. It was perfect for what it was, though.

I had an interview last Friday, will have another tomorrow, and one on Wednesday as well. I really had no idea I was this 'employable', everyone seems interested, its great. And nevertheless I feel a little Godforsaken, a little empty. Maybe I'm still working off the weekend's hangover, maybe it's the equal and opposite reaction to the euphoria I felt last week when I signed the agreement to terminate my employment one month early in exchange for two months of paid vacation. So now I am on vacation for two months as I look for a new position. I also take two classes: German B2, and User Experience Design. So now I will have more time to study. And two months of summer vacation in the heart of Prussia could be worse. I should take some day-trips and explore the countryside.

For now I just wish the clerk would call my name so I can get the registration process going. Grey carpet, fluorescent lighting and summer heat. This is my happily ever after, the beginning and the end of the line. Even God forgets from time to time.

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