Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

I need my own personal shaman

I spent the day de-cluttering my home, mainly my studio where I really need to weed through things and decide what to keep and what to give away. I haven't painted anything in 9 months and I don't have plans to paint in the future. Dreams have shifted, my life has evolved, and fine art has slid off the map – or at least for now it has. I have nothing left in me I want to express in oil paint at this point. I need to accumulate more insights and ideas, not to mention motivation, before I can get back into it.

The job interview on Friday went well. The people were great. I got thrown a couple academic, high level questions that kind of threw me for a loop. The interview was two hours long though, so I think I did well in the grand scheme of things. So who knows. I'll hear back this week what their decision is. Fingers crossed.

After this two fucking hour job interview I was pretty jacked up, so I went to a shamanic drum circle where a half native American guy from Texas beat a drum and sent everyone in the room into trance. It was wonderful to disassociate from my body and leave all of my ego driven fears, limiting beliefs, etc. behind. This will now be my preferred method to unwind from stressful events, I need my own personal shaman.

After the shamanic drumming I went out dancing at the gothic/industrial club near where I live and danced until I could dance no more. Always a good way to end a Friday.

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