Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Not a born leader

Received an email from the good job interview CEO, he is very excited to move forward with me and is now going to talk to his team members, advisors, etc. and try to put together an offer. Fingers so tightly crossed.

I held my second Meetup for Berlin students of CareerFoundry and it was great. I'm always so nervous before these things, sitting alone at the Betahaus Cafe, feeling like a big dork with my hand drawn sign, thinking no one will show up. But of course people did :)

It was so nice to meet and discuss projects, ideas and experiences with others who are doing this course. We had some beers and went over our projects, it was great. I am proud of myself that I actually DID this, without any prompting or support, and that I didn't just sit back and wish that someone else would do it. And it's very heartening to see so many people joining my Meetup and looking forward to attending and participating. I'm starting to feel like maybe I have some actual leadership and organizational skills after all, lol.

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