Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Endings and beginnings

I got a job offer, and I accepted it! My first day will be November 1.

Almost equally as fantastic, tomorrow my UX Designer course is complete – I just need to have one last call with my mentor.

These two goals have been my unwavering focus over the past few months, and while I am immensely happy at having reached this point, I am also left wondering in which direction I should go next. I need a new goal, a new focus. I signed up for another German class, I need to continue forging ahead with that no matter what. But what else?

I logged into Elder Scrolls Online and tried to game for a bit. But it felt pointless and my wood elf kept getting killed by ice trolls. I gave up and logged off.

I think I've forgotten how to relax and just BE. The prospect of having time on my hands feels daunting.

I feel like I should check into a sanitarium or take the waters or something like that.

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