Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,

Went to the Berlinische Galerie on Sunday for inspiration. Was worth the 10 €, I think. I should go there more often, it's not difficult to get to at all.

On Monday evening I discovered that Rasputin has a terrible festering wound on his foot. He landed on a hot stove burner two months ago, and I think this is how the injury initially occurred. I wish I'd noticed it sooner, it's deeply infected now. I only noticed because there were little bloody footprints all over the house when I got home. I was horrified. He hadn't been acting out of sorts, so I didn't realize anything was wrong.

Took him to the avian vet immediately the next morning. The vet cleaned & bandaged the wound, gave him a pain killer and antibiotic, and sent me home with the same, to be administered by mouth twice daily. Which kind of sucks, because he hates it, and I hate having to force medication down his throat, it's traumatic for both of us.

Harvey, Sophie and Brogan came over for Art Night last night. Was fun, I didn't get much art accomplished, but was nice to have people over nevertheless. It's more about just doing something, not really about being super productive. Anyway, Harvey's dad was a vet, so she has some experience with animals and held Rasputin for me while I did the syringes down his throat. This morning I managed by myself. A week more to go and then back to the vet for a follow-up exam. If the wound does not improve we will need to amputate the toe, but hopefully it won't come to that, pigeons are sturdy creatures.

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