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Feeling the first hints of chill in the air, autumn is just around the corner. Something about this time of year instantly conjures memories of the past, nostalgia for earlier times. Pumpkin patches, witch circles, old woollen sweaters, dried wildflowers, essential oils and crooked brick roads, increasingly covered in fallen leaves.

This weekend I don't really have plans, but I do have a number of things I'd like to accomplish, like getting my tax papers in order, formatting a friend's book, purchasing more masking tape, working on my sigil paintings, and generally staying out of trouble. I need to spend some time thinking about and setting larger goals and determining a loose plan for taking small steps to accomplish them. I've been feeling directionless for far too long. 

I don't have any holiday time left to take this year, but as soon as next year rolls around I'd like to register for an ayahuasca retreat in Amsterdam. I spoke to a woman last winter who recommended a retreat centre and swore that in a single weekend her entire life perspective was changed. Once I can muster the time and money I plan to do this, probably in January or February. I'm too curious not to.  There are similar retreats available here in Berlin, but they're more expensive, and I've heard mixed reviews. If I'm going to do this I'd like to do it 'right', and I'd rather go to Amsterdam, anyway. I think a change of scenery is good for the soul regardless of what else is going on.

Earlier this week I blocked my Facebook newsfeed from myself, it's perhaps the best thing I've done for myself all year. The damn thing was becoming far too addictive and sucking all my time away. There was no way to self-moderate, it was like trying to negotiate a black-hole. I really resent their use of dark UX to convert users into addicts. 

Remember books, newspapers, magazines, letters? Information used to be so precious.



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