Just got back from the doctor, one that a friend recommended. I brought all my medical records and walked him through my symptoms and history*. 

The doctor's measured response was that I did not need a doctor, that my problems can not be solved by medicine, but by natural practices, namely a lengthy fast, followed by a strict diet of potatoes, rice and oil, slowly introducing new food elements every few days to determine which are the offenders and which are not. This process of slow detective work could take several months to unfold. He offered to supervise my water fast if I should choose to go this route, although told me that I would need to find a Heilpraktiker (natural medicine/osteopath) to be my primary guide in the process.

I'm going to do it. 

I did a 21 day juice fast last year, and a 6-day water fast more recently, so fasting won't be the hard part, I'm familiar with that. 

It will be the endless potatoes and lack of social life that pose a challenge. That part will suck, especially as it will coincide with the holiday season. No Christmas or birthday for me this year, just a sack of potatoes. But come to think of it, I was so sick last year I couldn't celebrate anyway. So bring on the potatoes! If this treatment actually gets me better it will be worth the trouble and more.

"Your life will change in unexpected ways if you choose to do this. Some people undergo intense emotional reactions and discover things about themselves. You must be ready to face these revelations," he told me. My response was that I welcome such transformations and will embrace them when they come. 

* Migraines that last for months on end, constant gut pain and bloating, burning acid reflux, and chronic dry cough. For years.


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