Alcippe (alcippe) wrote,


• Had an open studio party at my studio on my birthday three weeks ago, it went well. A good turn-out, about 30 people showed up over the course of the night.

• I uploaded a bunch of new work to This is one, a portrait of Marie Antoinette:

• Started a new painting on Friday evening, a second Marie Antoinette piece, this time with a blue stripe across the lower right.

• Major astrological event about to take place, beginning on the 17th. The "loosing of the bond". This portends a once-in-a-lifetime major change of some kind. Going to hold on tight and see what transpires.

• Stomach issues are finally under control. Taking supplemental HCl to boost my failing levels of stomach acid has helped enormously. Still can't digest carbohydrates, but whatever, I'm used to it now. I've been on a Neanderthal style diet of my own design since the beginning of September with great success. I may never eat cake again, but at least I won't be bedridden.

• The company where I'm working is showing signs of instability. Will need to update my portfolio and resumé over the holidays in case I need to start looking for something new at the drop of a hat.

• Am meeting up for dinner with four individuals who practice cerimonial magic this evening.


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