Down the rabbit hole

Spent the day analysing the astrology of 2020 for my rising sign, Libra. It led me down a rabbit hole of immense length and depth, and here I am and it's 8pm. 

I also took a hike down memory lane by reading a bunch of old posts I made back in 2004. It was part of the astrological deep-dive – to examine how future patterns may imitate events from the past. But it also brought home how social I used to be, or seemed to be. I don't remember myself being so social. 

And it made me realise how much I need this silly online journal, to keep a record of events so I can reflect and look back on them and remember the things I have gone through and when they occurred. As it is, I couldn't tell you what I did in 2013 or 2014, they feel empty and without texture. 2014 was actually a terrible year, I've probably forgotten it deliberately. 

So I'm going to start writing again. Even if no one is here any more. 

Kind of sad that no one is here any more. Fucking Facebook.

Crappy iPhone photo of the latest painting, 'Picatrix'
Crappy iPhone photo of the latest painting, 'Picatrix'

Ok, I need to get my ass in the studio and put the first layer on Picatrix's gradient. Here it is, sans gradient. 

It's a silver dung beetle rising up from a nice blue chair that's rising from a tear in reality. The soon-to-be-there gradient will represent a state of transition. Taken as a whole, the piece is meant to be a visual representation of magic, or a magic spell.

Gotta open the windows and pray the chemicals don't give me a migraine this time. 


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