Insomnia shell

Insomnia struck last night, stealing my rest and leaving me a walking shell this morning. 

In the two hours of sleep that I did manage to get I had a stress dream where a woman shattered a vase that was for some reason of deep importance to me. We had once been friends but now were enemies, due to a misunderstanding that she refused to acknowledge. Clearly, it mirrors my current situation with S.

A new Rune Soup member found us on the 'Find the Others' map. A guy named Tal.  It'll be nice to meet another magician.

I ended my water fast at 62 hours with some Indian food: Lamb with spinach (no rice), and a tiny, tossed greens side salad. It was the perfect amount. I'm basically trying to go for a high-fat, low carb diet from here on out, paired with intermittent fasting. We'll see how it goes.

I pronounced Picatrix finished this morning and posted it on Instagram. They must have updated the algorithm again because the likes are rolling in super slowly. Or maybe it's because I haven't posted in like 1,000,000 years. 

Whatever, it felt good to update my website with a new painting.


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