Cellular massage and occult study

Presenteeism: Being at work but not doing any actual work. This is my current state. There just isn't much to do here, it's a really boring situation to be in.

Current inspirations and influences: Quareia, meditation, warm foot baths, oil painting (especially my latest, Picatrix), astrology, Animism, water fasting, Saint Cyprian, Goslar, Tarot, Jeremy Demester's colour palette.

Painting by Jeremy Demester.
Painting by Jeremy Demester.

I looked over the Quareia material last night and have decided to start a dedicated study of it. 

Quareia is a program of occult study that has been made available free online by Josephine McCarthy and Frater Acher. When I first heard about it I couldn't imagine it could be any good. How can anything free be of good quality, or not expecting some form of remuneration further down the road? But after some time going over everything, I see it actually is. Amazing. 

I'm at the 22nd hour of my 50 hour water fast. Almost half way there. I'm not hungry, just missing the ritual of eating and the pleasure it brings. Weight this morning was at 126.8 lbs. Again, I'm doing this to boost my immune system and induce autophagy – a deep cellular massage, if you will. Secondary benefits of reducing visceral fat and cellulite would be much appreciated, but are not really the motivating factors. 

Two people have died in Germany from the coronavirus so far. Not so many, really, given that more than 1,200 have been diagnosed.

I made the mistake of looking at my retirement fund this morning. It's gone down an enormous percentage. I'm probably going to need to cash in the little account I have with Vanguard before long, I was going to do it this morning, but looks like I'm too late. I'm going to wait for it to come up again, once the corona panic has passed. I still have a considerable amount of reserve funds, and monthly unemployment insurance will provide enough to get by on. I will be fine.


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