Time to get social

L messaged and invited me to a clothing swap on March 29. I told her I would love to attend. I'm not really interested in taking on more clothing, but it would be good to find new homes for things I need to get rid of, and even better to meet and get to know new people. 

I've become acutely aware of how I've focused too much on my career, my fine art, and my relationship with K, and not enough on my relationships with friends. 

S was my closest friend here, and her closing me out has alerted me to two facts: (1) Ultimately, she was not a very good friend, and (2) I should put in a better effort to maintaining my other friendships: Engaging more, doing more with them, staying in touch better. Not always declining invitations in favour of working in my studio. That sort of thing.

It's time to get social! Except this stupid virus seems to be shutting everything down and keeping everyone at home, and 'social distancing' has suddenly become a thing

J just messaged and invited me to see a documentary about Hilma Af Klint at the planetarium next week. Sounds fantastic.

Hilma Af Klint paintings
Hilma Af Klint paintings

I'm glad I have so many fun things scheduled for the coming weeks. Hopefully there will be no need to make cancellations. Fucking virus.

I did Quareia 'Meditation 1' last night and began a meditation journal. I was too tired to do it very successfully, but whatever. I got up early this morning and did it again, mainly because I won't get a chance to meditate this evening. 

Last night I wore my new Acid Reflux choker as I slept for the first time. It was initially very uncomfortable, but eventually I grew used to it and fell asleep. I'm quite glad it actually fits and is wearable – if it can provide any benefit or relief to me at all, it will have been worth the 300 EUR I paid for it. 


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