The feast of all sick

We received the message today: Work from home. I'm relieved they did not wait longer; it would have been socially irresponsible, ignorant and cruel to demand employees to continue coming to the office, and I would not have complied. 

Things here have gotten bad, and it's time to batten down the hatches. My plague shopping was completed earlier in the week; I can now disengage from the rest of humankind and float within the confines of my home. 

Berghain will be closed until April 20, 2020. All the clubs and bars in Berlin will be closed. It is difficult to express just how unprecedented this is. It is World War III-level unprecedented. 

Reports of illness have risen exponentially. We have hit the wall; it's uphill from here. I worry for my boyfriend, for everyone I know.

Cony came over this evening. We shared a couple bottles of Sekt and several bowls of snacks while contemplating the state of things. 

She told me that today was the first day she realised this pandemic was something to really pay attention to. Prior to today there were not enough sick people reported, it all seemed so small. The government played it down. There was nothing to be afraid of. 

But today the numbers can not be denied. The virus is sweeping the country and soon we will all be in isolation. 

She has no 'Hamster box'. Even more tellingly, she has only 1 roll of toilet paper at home. She intends to go shopping tomorrow early and make up for her losses. 

I told her that if she found herself ill or in need – of food, or anything else – that she should contact me, that I would do what I could to help her. And she told me I should do the same if I am in that position, if I am sick and alone, or in need, that I should call her. 

I think it is important to remain humane in such a terrifying time, we need to be there for the people we care about. 

Cony's 60th birthday is on Tuesday. What a sad time for such a momental occasion. 

She had planned to go to the North Sea with her extended family, and had even paid for the entire trip for everyone, but she fears it can not take place now. The world has turned and things have slid sideways.


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