Studio time

I spent yesterday fixing up my studio, transforming it from an art studio into a mix of art studio and home office. A lot of furniture was moved, dust was vacuumed, and the desk was moved to a sunny place.

Office area
Office area
Fine art area
Fine art area
Drying a towel on a chair, oh yeah
Drying a towel on a chair, oh yeah

And here is my bird's corner: 

Bird world
Bird world

People always ask how in the world I can have a pet pigeon who is free to roam around my home and not have the whole place covered in crap. It's actually pretty simple. He has a damaged wing so doesn't fly, and is generally a homebody and doesn't stray too far from his cardboard house, food palace or swimming pool. He goes adventuring from time to time, but for the most part this is his favourite place to be, so it's the only area that needs cleaning on a regular basis. 

See the grey blanket under everything? It gets swapped out and washed every week. And his cardboard house has a paper liner that I change regularly, too (I made that house from moving boxes 7 years ago, omg). 

And mirrors because birds LOVE mirrors. 

I am going to visit Kiddy this evening. He is the only human I am associating with at this point, all other humans are on hold until the virus is over.

His home is a 45 minute bicycle ride from where I live.   

I worry about getting a flat tire on my bike. Or that a strict curfew will be announced while I am there and I won't be able to get home to my bird in time. 

I only plan to be there for 20 hours or so (6pm tonight until 1 or 2pm tomorrow), but in these strange times, it feels like anything could happen in such a timeframe.

Bavaria just announced that they are going into lockdown, as of midnight. So they are giving a grace period to get yourself sorted. Good of them. My brother is in California and when the governor there announced their lockdown it went into effect immediately. 

Bavaria will allow life partner visits during their lockdown. I wonder what constitutes a 'life partner'. Kiddy and I have been together 3 years and have traveled the world together, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Vietnam. It feels like we are life partners. But it's also true that we never signed any formal papers or anything like that to make it official. 

Uuug. What a confusing time this is.


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