I have a small frilly fowl and it is rapidly duplicating in size, getting larger. It is about the size of a basket ball when it stops growing. A sweet bird, it lets me pet it. It is then a tortoise, and I give it a peanut, which it eats happily.


I am with my ex-boyfriend C and it is 1994. 

He is living in a house with roommates, a hovel of a place. He is young and hot and we are making out, fooling around naked on his bed, having a good time catching up on everything. 

Then I mention my boyfriend Kiddy and he stops me short. "You have a boyfriend?" "Yes," I tell him. "Does he know you're here? Doing this?" He asks. "No," I tell him. "Then you need to go. Now." 

And I feel horrible guilt, because I had forgotten about Kiddy and cheated on him.


My ex-boyfriend O and I are in a car, traveling through a city at night. 

We come to a busy intersection that is flooded like a river and I see that there are monkeys swimming, trying to manoeuvre their way through the traffic. 

There are about a dozen of them and they look terrified. I take out my phone to call the police but can not operate it due to it actually not being my phone at all, I have no idea where it came from. 

O is irritated that I want to call the police, "what do you think they are going to do? Come on Sarah, you're being ridiculous." 

I search frantically for my phone and finally find it in my back pocket, and am able to call the police. "There are a dozen small monkeys at the intersection of Superior and... I don't know the cross street," I tell them. "But there are monkeys here and they need help."


I am back in Vietnam at the Sea Sense Resort on Phu Quoc, snorkelling in the sea. The water is warm, clear and shallow. 

I see that the sea bottom is covered with dead pipe fish. Or maybe they are sleeping? But they do not look so good, so I guess no, they must be dead. 

I am horrified by this and swim back to the shore. 


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