Radiators in July

I know I had dreams last night, but they were lost upon waking. 

I'm trying to document as many dreams as possible, to keep a clear view on my subconscious as events unfold.

When long-held structures break down and patterns are disrupted, the ensuing chaos provides a vehicle for synchronicities, meaningful coincidences and flat out paranormal events to arise. Dreams become intense. Keep an eye on it. 

Case in point: On the morning of July 31, 2016, a blazing hot day, my radiator heat suddenly went on full blast and there was no way to turn it off. I had two friends from America visiting, and I was dismayed that they were subjected to such discomfort. 

I informed my building management and they in turn contacted the janitor. 

My friends and I went about our day. Around 1pm I received a phone call from my workplace and was informed via telephone that I had been laid off. A shock, to be sure. My world's structure was blown apart in that single phone call.

Not long after, my building's janitor called to tell me that the heat could not have come on in my apartment; it was impossible. The boiler had been turned off in the spring, and he had just checked it again – it had been off for months. 

So how does one explain the fact that my radiator had been hissing and hot like an angry dragon earlier that day?

Chaos. Keep an eye on it.


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