On a dark street, a rabid dog is loose

I've made some progress on Verum in the past few days, working on the blue upholstery, trying to capture the shimmer and shadow. 

One or two more passes should do it, and then I will turn my attention to the cobra. 

Verum, 60cm x 60cm, oil on canvas
Verum, 60cm x 60cm, oil on canvas

Grocery shopping yesterday was unpleasant. I find people remain oblivious to the need for personal space. I wear my mask and step back from people the best I can. 

Dreams last night were vague, but at least partially remembered: 

• In a car on a beach with others. The car is impeded by the sand and can not drive forward or in reverse, so I get out and push it forward. I am the only one that can do this; the others do not have the required strength. 

• I hold a strange blob of plastic in my hand. It looks very much like body fat, but is in fact plastic. This material is somehow in short supply and I am lucky to have some; it is possible to form anything from this plastic.

• On a dark street, a rabid dog is loose. Other people get to safety quickly, but I can not find a safe place to go. The dog corners me, snarling.


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