Tara, Rachael and I were seated at a small, round table. 

Suddenly, it was clear that no one could be trusted, and Rachael pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. I begged with her not to shoot me and emphasised my loyalty to her. 

This made Tara look uncertain and she raised her gun as well – if I was loyal to Rachael, could I be trusted to also be loyal to her? 

Some how the situation de-escalated and I was able to assure Tara that I was not a threat, although I could tell she was not 100% convinced of that. 

We walked to her apartment in downtown (not sure what city), and she led me inside. It was the most amazingly luxurious apartment I had ever seen. It was situated beside a river and the water ran directly beside the window. She also had a lovely view of the other downtown buildings, lit up beautifully (it was night). 

I went downstairs and saw that she also had a spa-resort style swimming pool that ran like a river through the place. So upstairs she had a view of natural running water, and downstairs she had a clean, headed pool to exercise in. 

I was astounded and asked her how much rent she was paying for such a place. "I pay € 8,880 a month," she told me. "It's a bit of a stretch for me, but I really liked it when I saw it and decided to splurge. Unfortunately, I work so much I don't get to take advantage of the pool very often."

I felt jealous that she was able to afford such a rent, given that we both worked at the same company on the same project. I felt disappointment at my own meagre earning power, and wished I had instead studied law like she had. 


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