Full moon

Berlin officials have relaxed social distancing restrictions here a tiny bit; now people are allowed to sit briefly in a public space while they are out for air. 

This adjustment to the law was made knowing that beautiful weather was imminently upon us, and keeping people locked indoors might incite rage. 

But what this has translated into is groups of people hanging out in the park drinking beer together, and roving packs of people hogging the sidewalk as they walk together in groups. People mingle together everywhere; children play and run amok.

I walk on the street to avoid them; It's as if they don't understand the lock-down will go on indefinitely if people behave like this. Our numbers of sick and dead will once again climb and we'll be back, stuck in our homes.

I like to take long walks at sunset, when most people are home having dinner. The light in the park is beautiful at dusk, and lately the moon hangs large in the sky. There are several extremely old trees there that I like to say hello to, and I imagine what the world looked like when they were seedlings as I walk past. 

I worked on Verum yesterday evening but did not accomplish much, just another layer of white on the gradient. I'm waiting for an evening when I have more time and energy so I can detail the snake. It needs to be done in a single session due to the way the paint dries, and will require 2 or 3 hours to complete. This will be hard, focused work, not for the faint-hearted.

Friday and Monday are public holidays due to Easter. This of course means that one must stock up on groceries as the stores will be closed for the extended holiday. I plan to go tomorrow afternoon, when it will hopefully not be too busy.  


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